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Repiping Services

repiping serviceMany people forget about the pipes that deliver the water to the faucets and appliances throughout their home. These pipes are crucial to daily life, so when the water flow gets interrupted, that’s when most homeowners become aware of these pipes.

Do you need repiping?

Many plumbing problems including minor breaks or leaks can be repaired without a repiping job. Repiping is only necessary when the issue is more severe. As your pipes age, wear and tear make them susceptible to frequent leaks and breaks, causing flooding and water damage to your home.  Other common reasons for re-piping are plumbing systems made up of numerous materials, or lead pipes.

Sign that you may need repiping

Some of the signs that you may need to have your plumbing system repiped can include frequent leaks or drips. Leaking pipes can sometimes be difficult to detect, and the leak can manifest as a slow drip, causing a damp and musty smell. Another sign that you may need repiping in your home is a strange odor, metallic taste, or a white discoloration in your drinking water. Other symptoms can include:

  • Yellow water discoloration
  • Flakes in your drinking water
  • Low water pressure
  • Brown residue and discoloration in sinks and bathtubs.


Repiping your home or business

Replacing the pipes in your home is a substantial task. The average single-family home can take up to five days to repipe. At A1 Professional Plumbing, we realize how much this can impact your family’s daily life and routine, so we make it a priority to get the job done quickly to minimize any inconvenience and get you and your family back to your normal routine as soon as possible.


What kind of repiping do we offer?

  • Horizontal Repiping: Horizontal pipes are usually located in the crawl spaces of attics. Horizontal repiping is common because deterioration frequently occurs these types of pipes.
  • Vertical Repiping: Vertical repiping can be done in sections, or throughout your entire home. This covers any pipes that are running vertically, and cuts are made in the sheet rock to enable the replacement of these pipes.
  • Whole House Repiping: Whole house repiping occurs when all pipes above the slab, including vertical and horizontal pipes, are replaced.