Gas Leak Detection Service

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Gas Leak Detection

gas leak detectionNatural gas has an additive that causes a strong sulfuric odor to detect a gas leak easily. If you suspect a gas leak in your home or business, take immediate action.

  • Evacuate the area: your priority should be the safe evacuation of all occupants currently inside the building. Please ensure that everyone has exited the building and moves a safe distance away.
  • Do not use electronics: when there is a gas leak, any spark could cause an explosion. To prevent this hazard, don’t turn light switches on or off, refrain from cell phone use until you are a safe distance from the building, and leave any computers precisely as they are.
  • Leave doors and windows open: As you evacuate the building, leave all doors and windows open as this will aid in the ventilation process.
  • Call 911: Once you have safely evacuated the building and are at a safe distance, call 911 and then your gas company to have the supply line cut off to ensure the building is secure before reentering.
  • Call the experts at A1 Professional Plumbing: Once the area has been evacuated and the gas company has given you the all clear, call the experts at A1 Professional Plumbing. Our qualified technicians can find the source of your gas leak and repair it in no time.

Gas Leaks Are Serious

While natural gas is a safe and economical source of energy, it can also be a volatile and flammable substance. The most common cause of natural gas disasters are damaged or aging pipes. Other factors can include faulty workmanship at installation, accidentally hitting a gas line and defective or damaged appliances.

Hidden Gas Leaks

In some cases, a gas leak doesn’t exhibit the odor commonly associated with natural gas. The most common cause of a “hidden” gas leak is damage to an underground line. Signs of a hidden gas leak can include an increase in your monthly gas bill or areas of your yard suffering from dead grass or vegetation.

When it comes to hidden gas leaks, our team of expert technicians has been trained to quickly locate and repair the leak with limited disturbance to your life and property. If you suspect a gas leak but aren’t sure of the source, don’t hesitate to call A1 Professional Plumbing for prompt and professional gas line repair. The potential health hazards caused by a gas leak that is left untreated can be serious ranging from the detriment of your long-term health to potential house fires and explosions.

Gas Leak Prevention & Carbon Monoxide Safety

Poisonous and toxic gases including carbon monoxide and natural gas should be taken very seriously. To help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, be sure to install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Unlike natural gas, carbon monoxide doesn’t smell and isn’t easily detected. To limit your carbon monoxide exposure:

  • Make sure that your gas appliances are properly adjusted.
  • Install exhaust fans that vent outside for gas stoves
  • Make sure the flue is open when using your fireplace
  • Have an expert inspect and clean your central heating system annually, and immediately repair any leaks.